Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Break and Random Thoughts....

Finally, the time has arrived for me to GO HOME!!!

College life has been rather too stressful for me lately, so I'm really glad that I'll be able to get out of it.  You've got your drama and your schoolwork and your church calling and your work and just trying to stay sane in general....it is hard!!!

In response to the picture, please do not bang head on your computer, unless the stress is being caused by your computer and the destruction thereof would benefit to your stress reduction.  Otherwise it would just be a bad idea and cause more stress because your computer would be broken, and they are quite costly now a days.

Yet, on the other hand, I've had so many fun moments here at college.  I've met great new friends, lived through such awkward experiences that I can't wait to have kids so that I can tell them about it :)  I thought the mission made things awkward, but then I came to BYU.
Its true though, as I've explained to others, my life can be defined in 4 words, "Well....that was awkward."  For example, yesterday at work, I was chatting with Charlie and another friend from Italy in Italian.  I had just had my Italian class and so I was thinking in Italian, well, this kid walks in for like the fourth time, and I know him pretty well, so as a joke I was going to say, "Jeez!  Again?  Are you ever going to leave?"  But it came out, "Ma dai!  Di nuovo?"  He just kind of stared at me....and I was like, "I mean, are you ever going to leave?"  He gave me another strange look and then told me maybe one day and walked out.  Awkward....

I've learned how to appreciate those moments.  I'm not as bad as some who go searching for or even creating such moments, but it is fun just to love them as they come and go, taking a bit of your self-confidence with them. 

Speaking of self confidence, dating is best way of completely destroying or wonderfully enhancing it.  For example, you start dating the most wonderful person on the planet who is funny, smart, and cute and you feel like a man who can conquer the world. 
But then there are those other moments when you finally garner up those moments when you ask someone on a date, maybe just because you are friends, but then you find out that they got back together with their annoying ex 4 minutes before you asked them....
And then there are those few times when someone actually likes you, or maybe more than one, so you are stuck in that awkward situation of not being a player, but also deciding which one to pursue, and then you find yourself in the middle of the drama and its dumb.  Boo. 
But let me tell you, its great to finally see it work out....
Anyways, I got a little ahead of myself.  THANKSGIVING BREAK IS HERE!!!

We get to go to Arizona and spend time as a family, away from anyone involved in my personal drama.  I feel that I can just be me again.  I'm so excited.  Anyways, I'm off to work!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terrible Slogan

So, we were ending our double date at the MOA, and we decided to go - well, Charlie really wanted to go - to get Frozen Yogurt at Earth, Fruits and Yogurt (tots the best fro yo - I don't think its hun cal, especially with the boba balls).  While we are there, my date points out their slogan:

This was my deal:  Personally, I believe that what comes OUT of my body, came out for a reason, and I don't want that back in.  That is just an awkward slogan....and rather .... I don't even know.  The more I think of it, the more I feel that they messed that one up. 

Someone probably voiced their opinion in an advertisement meeting, saying that it might be taken the wrong way.  Maybe said, "I don't think that will fly.  Why would people put back in their body what was taken out?"  And then he got fired.  Well, to that guy, I root for you, because this was a terrible idea. 

They should have stuck to their other slogan, 
Now that is a good slogan.  Fuel your body, feed your soul.  But don't fuel your body with your body's waste.  That is just wrong on so many levels.  However, might I just say, that there yogurt is delectable and their toppings.....oh my.....so good.
I would suggest against getting a yogurt bowl with that much yogurt though, it would be quite expensive.

Also, if you haven't been there, it is worth the 4 dollar price to get a boba ball.  What is a boba ball?  It is an EXPLOSION of WONDERFUL FLAVOR in your mouth.  Really.  Probably the best thing about "earthfruitsyogurt."  They should replace their terrible slogan to:  the home of the famous popping bobas.  They are ..... wonderful.  As we were choosing our yogurt, Charlie pointed out a girl who had more boba balls in her cup than yogurt.  And I just thought, now that is a true connoisseur of good toppings. She knows what should be on her yogurt. 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love my job...

First of all, let me explain the actual geographical location of my workplace.  When I tell people that I'm working, they ask where and this is what I tell them.  "Ok, you know the JFSB?  If you go right behind that before you go down the hill to the sports complexes, you will see this tiny, 1 story building.  You've probably passed it wondering, 'What in the world is that for?'  You've also probably only seen 1 or 2 people ever walk into that building, and you've decided that based on that, you don't want to go there.  Its brown.  It has the most awkward layout you've ever seen, and the bathrooms will remind you of the ones from boys camp."  This is where I work.  But let me just tell you....I LOVE IT.  Really.

First of all, I have a HUGE office.  All to me....and the professor's mailboxes...and the TA boxes....and everything else, BUT I have the name plate and they don't.  So it's mine (from 1-5pm, Monday through Friday).

Second, the students are actually pretty cool.  Contrary to popular belief, economics students aren't just Business Major wannabees or mathematical fanatics.  Most generally love economics because it is a pretty cool subject once you get pass the freshman horror ECON 110 class.  They do have a sense of humor, and no, it does not center around the demand and supply curves for labor.

But my all-time favorite part of this job is: the professors. Most are relatively young from what I expected and hilarious.  2 of them served their mission in my country, and all of them make my day in so many ways.  One bought a desk treadmill so that he can walk while working.  One tries to stay fit by jogging from his office to his mailbox (a distance of about 10 yards max).  And just the other day, I walk in to work on setting up some wireless in the conference room and there is one professor doing Tai Chi to asian music.  It was awesome.  It wasn't just that he was a funny old man doing Tai Chi.  He was doing Tai Chi and it was GOOD.

It was probably one of the best days of my life.  He was slightly embarrassed and apologetic, but it was just fun.  Now I just want to have him teach me how to do some Tai Chi.  It actually looks fun :)

So, I love my job.  It definitely keeps me on my toes!!!

So, as one of the twin dragons said on "Dragon Tales":  LOOOOOOVVVEEEE IT!

Blog Beginnings

Well, so I begin. I have a blog :)!  I will try to give unto the world a description of the habitat of a yellow gazelle.  By the way, I shout out to Tess for giving me that name, and as she is sitting by me as I'm writing this, it follows that yellow gazelle became my blog name.  But it fits, and so far, it is one of the most fitting nicknames that I have received yet, only surpassed by my sister's "stringbean on stilts" which I still use to this day. 

As we should have been watching a university forum, I decided I might as well get started on becoming updated in today's technology.  So, I signed up for twitter....but I have NO idea what was going on there.  So, I'll probably not do much there.  But, if any of you would like to enlighten my inability to use twitter, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Well, the forum has ended and so also must this post.

Farewell thee all.